How to create a presentation

Using PowerPoint slides

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Top tips for using PowerPoint slides:
Activity: What makes a good PowerPoint slide? - 20 minutes

1. Look at the two PowerPoint slides below:

bad slide

good slide

2. Whilst looking at each slide in turn, consider the following, and how this affects the visibility and readability for the audience:

  • amount of text
  • type of font
  • font colour
  • background colour
  • background design
  • amount of space
  • size of graphics

3. Make some notes of any particularly good or bad points about these slides.

4. Think about which slide you would prefer to see in a presentation - why is this?

5. Keep a copy of these notes for use in the next section

You should now have your own ideas about what you should and shouldn't do when designing your slides. In the next section of this course 'Designing your visual aids', we will put these ideas into practice.

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