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Designing your visual aids

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Now that you have decided which type of visual aid to use and what you want your visual aid to contribute to your presentation, it is time to think about designing them.

Some important points to consider when designing your visual aids are:

Activity: Designing your visual aids - 30 minutes

This task will help you to design and create the visual aids you will use in your presentation.

1. Review the notes you made in the 'Considering Content' and 'Introducing Visual Aid' activities.

2. Using these notes as a reference, decide how many slides or visual aids you will use in your presentation.

Hint: You will probably want a title slide, introduction slide, then a slide or visual aid for every major part of your talk, and then a summary or conclusion slide.

3. Now that you have decided how many slides you will use, make some brief notes about the purpose and content of each slide.

4. Next, think about the design of the slides, what colour to use, which font type and size etc. You may want to look back at your notes from the 'what makes a good PowerPoint slide' activity.

5. Try out some design ideas, and then think about how these will look to your audience.

6. Once you have decided on your visual aid design, create these visual aids and fill in the content for each slide.

You should now have your own ideas about what you should and shouldn't do when designing your slides. In the next section of this course 'Designing your visual aids', we will put these ideas into practice.

How did you do?

1. Ask a friend or colleague to look over your visual aids and give you some feedback.

2. Discuss any potential improvements which could be made to your visual aids.

3. Improve your visual aids as appropriate.

You should now have your visual aids containing the content of your presentation. We will now look at how to present your content by speaking to your audience.

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