How to create a presentation

what is this topic about?

The ability to give a presentation is an important skill, and is often used as a form of assessment at university and at job interviews. Although many students find the idea of giving a presentation daunting, others see it as an opportunity to show the examiner their level of subject knowledge, and more importantly, as an opportunity to gain good marks.

The key to harnessing this opportunity is preparation. This topic is a step-by-step guide to preparing and delivering a presentation.

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who should do this topic?

This topic is aimed at university students, and anyone who needs to develop their presentation skills.

how long will this topic take?

Each page in this topic will take between 5 minutes and an hour to complete, so if you work through the whole topic it will take you about 5 hours to complete. You will be spending the majority of this time creating and practising your presentation. You can use the topic navigation box to jump to the pages that will be most helpful to you, or you can start at the beginning and work through the whole topic - it's entirely up to you.

what do I need to know before I do this topic?

We assume that you are taking this course as you are working on a presentation which you will deliver in the near future, therefore you will have a presentation subject in mind. If you don't, then try to pick a subject that is interesting or relevant to you in order to complete the following activities. This course is aimed at college or university students and professionals who wish to improve their presentation skills. No prior experience in presenting is necessary to complete this course, simply work through the activities as directed.

do I need any equipment or resources to do this topic?

For some of the activities in this topic, you'll need a pen and paper. You will also need access to the internet and to any resources needed to create visual aids, as well as a voice recording device.

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