How to do your research project

Project requirements and restrictions

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There will undoubtedly be restrictions and requirements placed on your project and it's important you stick to them, as it's not worth loosing marks just because you didn't follow the instructions.

Restrictions and requirements include things like...

Specific requirements and restrictions for your project will be subject and course specific and you'll need to consult your course handbook, or your supervisor, to make very sure you know exactly what you're supposed to be doing.

Activity: project requirements and restrictions - 10 minutes

There'll be specific instructions for your project that you'll be expected to follow. Make sure you don't lose marks simply for not following instructions.

1. Find out all the restrictions and requirements for your project - they should be available from your tutors, course secretary, module leader, or the course handbook.

2. On a piece of paper, write down all of the restrictions and requirements for your project or dissertation - these could include the following:

  • word count
  • style and formatting restrictions
  • topic or subject
  • specific chapter or section titles
  • referencing conventions
  • where to submit your finished work
  • and of course, your deadline.

3. Keep a copy of your list of restrictions in a safe place, possibly in the front of a folder you will use for your project.

Recommended Further Reading

Refer to these restrictions and requirements throughout your project - and make sure you stick to them.

Now you should have a clearer idea of the task ahead, and you might be feeling a little daunted, but you are not alone - your supervisor will be there to guide and support you. Next we will explore how you can get the most out of your supervisor.

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