Revision Help Kit

Revision Help Kit

If you have exams looming, our revision help kit has all the topics you need to get prepared. The kit includes topics on time management and choosing the right revision strategy for you. There's lots of helpful revision advice and useful tips on tackling tricky MCQ exams.

Remember: you will find a wide range of other topics on our study skills pages to help you with all aspects of studying at university.

1. How to revise

This topic will help you to try out lots of different revision techniques so you can decide which ones best suit you. These techniques will help you to use your revision time efficiently, and to remember more information in your exams.

2. How to get organised for exams

Do you find it difficult to get organised for revision? Do you find it difficult to manage your time? If so, then this topic is for you! This topic will show you how to get organised for your exams and help you to maximise the effectiveness of your revision time.

3. How to pass your exams

Have you ever felt that you have been fully prepared for an exam, but when it came to the all important day, something went wrong? This topic will help you to improve your exam technique, and get all the knowledge you gained during your revision down onto paper.

4. How to succeed at MCQ's

Many students experience difficulties with MCQ-type exams; often not because of a lack of knowledge or preparation, but simply due to poor MCQ-answering technique. And yes, believe it or not, there is a technique to answering MCQs: it's not just a case of fact recall and box-ticking ability. This topic will help you develop an effective MCQ exam revision strategy and your question answering technique.

5. Time management

Effective time management is an essential skill for any student. Having good time management skills will give your work structure and organisation, ensuring that no assignments are left until the last minute!