University Starter Kit

Top 6 university study skills

Congratulations on starting university! For our university starter kit, we've chosen six study skills that we think all students need to make their first year at university as successful and stress-free as possible. Whether you are undertaking undergraduate courses or obtaining an MBA online, we hope you find these topics useful. When you've finished these, we've lots more study skills topics that will help you with everything from creating a presentation to dealing with exam nerves. Please get in touch if you feel we've missed any essential skills for university.

1. How to use academic writing style

At university, you will be expected to write in a professional, academic style. This topic will help you to develop an academic writing style that will get you better marks in your written assignments.

2. How to write an assignment

Written assignments at university won't always be the familiar essay. You need to be prepared to tackle whatever they throw at you - from the 500-word research summary to the 10,000-word dissertation, and everything in between; this topic will get you thinking about the different skills needed to write different assignments.

3. How to start research at university

This topic will give you a grounding in the basics you need to start researching at university. Virtually every assignment you complete will need to be thoroughly researched, and there's a good chance you'll carry out some original research for a project or dissertation of your own.

4. Time management

Being able to manage your time effectively is an essential skill for any student. Having good time management skills will help you remain calm and efficient - and ensure that no assignments are left until the last minute!

5. How to read at university

It's not called 'reading for a degree' for nothing, and to tackle the large volume of reading you need to do at university you will need to develop an efficient and effective reading strategy. This topic will give you some tips to help you learn from what you read and improve your reading stamina.

6. How to get started with presentations

If you are starting an undergraduate degree, this may be one of the first opportunities you will have had to give a presentation, and although this may seem a little daunting, it is a great chance for you to gain good marks and show off your subject knowledge! This topic will give you the skills you need to create and deliver a memorable presentation.