How to read at university

What should I read?

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Reading at university is not all text books - there are many sources of information you'll need to read, and some of them will be familiar, but others will be completely new.

You may be used to using the Internet to look for information, but at university you'll need to gather information from a far wider range of sources. You'll also need to take a keenly critical approach to everything you read - especially information found on the Internet. So what sources of information should you read at university?

At university, you might read...

Top tip...

If you are provided with reading lists, they'll give you a good indication of the types of things you should be reading.

Thinking point...

Think about the different sources of information you'll read for your course. Your study guide or course handbook may give you guidance on the sources you should be reading - if it doesn't, talk to your tutor.

Are you used to using all these sources, or are some unfamiliar? Reading academic texts such as journal articles can be difficult at first, and you'll find help with this later in the course.

The sources you read can be divided into primary and secondary sources; we'll look at these two kinds of sources on the next page.

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