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Time management for a year of study

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Students who manage their time effectively will spend time at the beginning of each academic year organising how they will spend their study time. If you have already started your year of study, fear not! It is never to late to become organised! Even if you are nearing the end of the year of study this activity will be beneficial for you.


An important skill at university is juggling more than one module of study at once. A really simple way to do this is to use a wall planner. A wall planner is a very effective way to plan for your year. By highlighting important dates such as assignment deadlines and exams, it is easy to see how much time you have between assignments, which will help you to stay organised.

As a student you can often pick up a free wall planner from University or from 'fresher stalls'. Alternatively, you could buy one for a few pounds from a stationary shop.

Activity: Managing your time for a year of study - 30 minutes

1. Write the important study dates for your year of study onto your wall planner. This may include exam dates, assignment deadlines and/or tutor meetings

2. You may wish to spend some time setting targets for yourself at this point. For example, if you have two assignments due in at a similar time, think about how you will organise your time for the weeks running up to these deadlines and write these targets into your wall planner.

3. Throughout the year you may want to add in more dates and details of what work you will do and when.

4. Stick your wall planner above your desk so that you can see how well you are keeping up with your work.

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That's it! Just keep your wall planner up to date and you'll find it much easier to stay on top of your work.

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