How to use academic writing style

Ensuring that your piece is grammatically correct

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You have now done all of the hard work learning about all of the different techniques involved in academic writing - don't let yourself down at the last hurdle by not ensuring that your spelling and grammar is 100% correct.

If you need help with this, you can complete our spelling and punctuation topics.

Activity: Ensuring your work is grammatically correct - various

1. Even if you are sure that your essay is word perfect - get at least one other person to read it. A paragraph that makes complete sense to you may be confusing to someone else. Ideally, ask someone who understands your subject to proof read your work.

2. If you can't find someone to do this, then ask someone who doesn't know your subject - they will be able to pick up on the little spelling and grammatical errors that you have missed.

Action point:

Ask someone to proof read your work and then make any necessary changes before submitting your work.

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