How to use academic writing style


This is a chance for you to test yourself on everything you have learnt in this module, and to see how much your ability to write in an academic style has improved.

Assessment: academic writing style (part 1) - 30 minutes

1. Read the paragraph below taken from the BBC News website

2. Write down, in your notes, any errors you find with the academic writing style

Hard core measures to stop people from getting sick through alcohol abuse were talked about yesterday as some research showed that the number of hospital admissions caused by binge drinking has gone up twice as much since 1995. The British Liver Trust warned that alcohol-induced health problems could be getting well out of hand. Measures that are supposed to stop this worrying trend just aren't working so far, according to the evidence that I have read.

It turns out that the number of alcohol-related deaths has rose sharply, by 19% in five years. In 2006, there were 6,500 - of which two-thirds were blokes - compared with 5,500 in 2001. Lots of these deaths were due alcoholic liver disease.

While the number of kids who said they had never had an alcoholic drink rose from 39% in 2001 to 45% in 2006, those who did drink drank more. They consumed on average 11.4 units a week.

Alcohol is putting lots of stress on the NHS, from the GP surgery to the hospital bed. These rises paint a worrying picture about the relationship between people and the bottle.

Professor Ian Gilmore told everyone that their should be an end to cheap supermarket drink. "Much of this damage is fueled by deep discounting of alcohol in supermarkets and off-licences, and this should be the focus of government action," he said.

Dawn Primarolo, the public health minister, said: "The NHS spends £217m a year on specialist alcohol treatment. I have just launched a £6m campaign. This will make sure people know their units. Then they will know how much they're drinking."

Emily Frith from Turning Point, a social care organisation, said: "These figures are deeply worrying and the issue is wider than the rising numbers ending up in hospital with alcohol-related problems.

"As a society we are failing the people who turn to A&E for help. They need access to the right treatment ASAP, to prevent them turning up to the same hospital again and again. Yet ... dependent drinkers in England face a wait of up to a year to access any form of structured treatment."

How did you do?

The various incorrect parts of this written piece are highlighted.

Assessment: academic writing style (part 2) - 30 minutes

1. Rewrite the piece above using the skills and techniques you have covered in this module

2. Once you have finished rewriting your piece, compare it to the original and consider how much more academic it is

3. Compare your answer to the one suggested below. The answer given is not the only answer - it is simply a guide

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