How to write an abstract

what is this topic about?

An abstract is an integral part of any project, dissertation or thesis, as it provides a 'shop window' where you 'sell' your research to potential readers. Your abstract needs to tell readers what you did, why you did it, what you discovered, and why this matters - all in a couple of hundred words. This topic will help you to write an abstract with all the vital ingredients.

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who should do this topic?

This topic is aimed at anyone who needs to write an abstract.

how long will this topic take?

This topic will take about 30 minutes to complete, which might seem like a long time, but as the end product should be a decent first-draft abstract, it will be time well spent.

what do I need to know before I do this topic?

You don't need any prior knowledge to do this topic.

do I need any equipment or resources to do this topic?

For the activity in this topic, you'll need a pen and paper.

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