How to write an assignment

How to start the writing process

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After interpreting the question, understanding the requirements of your assignment, researching your topic using appropriate resources and planning your writing, you will have finally reached the writing stage. This is where many students struggle: fear of the blank page sets in and putting words down on paper seems an insurmountable hurdle.

If you follow our advice and research your topic and create a plan for your work, you should find the writing bit easier. If, however, you are struggling to put 'pen to paper' (or, more likely, fingers to keyboard), there are a few techniques that can help:

Thinking point...

Make a note of the techniques you can use to help you overcome the fear of the blank page. Do you already use any of these techniques to help you start to write? Perhaps you already have a technique that works for you, in which case, great.

If you don't already have a writers' block-busting technique, choose one from the list above and plan to use it next time you have an assignment to write. As you work through different assignments, try using some of the other techniques until you find out which works best for you.

Recommended Further Reading

Now you've vanquished your white-page demons, you can begin to write freely and fluently. But first, let us remind you of some of the common writing pitfalls, as this should help you to avoid them.

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