How to write paragraphs

Building paragraphs

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A paragraph is one or more sentences that develops a single thought, idea or topic. There's a simple formula which you can use to plan your paragraphs that will make sure you always have a topic sentence and supporting details.

Activity: Building paragraphs - 5 minutes

In this activity, you will write a topic sentence and build it into a paragraph.

1. Thinking about your home town, write down three reasons why this is the best (or worst!) place to live.

2. Put the name of your home town into the following sentence:

There are three reasons why ................... is the best/worst place to live in Britain.

This is the topic sentence for your paragraph.

3. Next, add the supporting details: the reasons you love (or hate) living there. You could start with Firstly ... and so on, until you have given all your reasons.

4. Finally, you'll need a closing sentence. You could try something like All these things add up to one great (or terrible!) town!

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