How to write your literature review

Getting the tone right

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You'll notice that literature reviews are written using a reasonably formal, 'academic' writing style. The academic style is used to make research easier for every one to understand - not everyone is familiar with English slang, cliches, and colloquialisms. It also allows the author to achieve a scholarly, objective and dispassionate tone, so readers (usually other academics) will take the research seriously.

A lot of the conventions used in academic writing are simply the rules of good writing: correct spelling, punctuation and grammar; sentences in a variety of lengths; correct use of paragraphs; appropriate vocabulary and so on. How comforting you find this, will depend on your skill as a writer!

Activity: Writing like a professional - 10 minutes

1. Re-read the Fraternity Membership and Binge Drinking literature review in the last activity.

2. Make notes in answer to the following questions:

  • Are there lots of quotations in the review, or is the literature mostly paraphrased and summarised?
  • Does the author write using the first person (In this study, I...), or the third person (This study uses...)?
  • Does he use contractions (don't, isn't)?
  • Does he use slang or colloquialisms (...students drink until they're legless and then throw-up everywhere), or is the language formal and objective?
  • When discussing other studies, it's easy to overuse the word says (In this important study, Smith (1991) says...). What alternative words does the author use?

Recommended Further Reading

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Literature reviews published in your area will give you a good idea of the tone you should be aiming for, but if in doubt, ask your supervisor about the rules for writing in your subject.

We've helpfully added a list of literature review dos and do nots, which you can use to hit the right tone when you write your review.


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