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What does the anagram solver do?

The Anagram Solver is a handy tool that will help you unscramble tricky anagrams. As well as general English words, it contains medical and technical words, so if you're a medical secretary or transcriptionist you can use the Anagram Solver to to help you decipher misspelled terms!

You can also use the Anagram Solver to look for words-within-words. So, if no anagrams are found, your search will return a list of shorter words that can be made using some of the letters in your search term.

How do I use the anagram solver?

To use the anagram solver, simply type the anagram you are trying to unscramble into the search box and click on the solve button. A list of all the words that can be formed from these letters will be displayed below.

If you need further help with the Anagram solver have a look at our Advanced help page.