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Puzzle status:

Enter your numbers and press Solve!

Puzzle difficulty rating:


Test cases:

Name Difficulty rating Solution time
0 0s
56.54 0.11s
68.2 0.131s
82.03 0.329s
83.47 0.08s
89.98 0.107s
92.25 3.37s
96.01 45.7s
96.92 100.1s

Sudoku solver help:

Simply enter the numbers from your Sudoku puzzle in the correct spaces in the grid above and then click the Solve! button. The Sudoku solver will fill in the missing numbers. To solve a new puzzle, click the Clear board button.

As the solver attempts to solve your Sudoku puzzle, you will be able see the number of iterations (combinations of numbers) tried. Once the puzzle is solved, the time taken to solve your Sudoku will appear in the puzzle status box. Each puzzle is given a difficulty rating between 0 and 100 telling you how tricky the Sudoku was to solve.

The test cases table gives some examples of Sudoku puzzles of varying difficulty - ranging from the easy to the almost impossible. To try a test puzzle, click on the green button and the numbers will be entered into the grid. Click Solve! to solve the puzzle.