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Word visualiser help

What is the word visualiser?

The word visualiser is an amazing (and beautiful) tool, which lets you explore the meanings of words and the relationships between them. It can be used as a thesaurus of related and alternative words. The visualiser creates a network of 'synsets' from the search term entered. A synset is a concept that is represented by a number of other terms or synonyms.

How do I search for a term in the word visualiser?

Type your search term into the search box and click the arrow or press return. A search term can be either a single word or a phrase. The tool is not case-sensitive, so don't worry about using upper-case letters. The results of your search will appear on the screen below the search box. If the term you are searching for is not included in the word visualiser, the word will simply appear on the screen with no definition.

You can right-click on the screen and drag to move around the page, and use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out. Double clicking on some terms will expand them further.

If you need further help with the Word visualiser have a look at our Advanced help page.